Summer in Steamboat

There is a saying in Steamboat, People come for the Winter and Stay for the Summer. As amazing and fun as winter is, my first summer in Steamboat was AWESOME! We had a good mix of things to do and downtime.

Here are a few highlights of our summer adventures.

Yampa River Festival aka River Fest – The Yampa River runs through downtown Steamboat. In early summer the water is high and there is a raft race down to the Library. Dave and his friends competed and also rafted the C-hole (the rapid right behind the library) a couple of times.

Free Concerts – Throughout the summer the town hosts a few free concerts on  Friday nights (not every week) at Howelsen Hill Amphitheater. I thought Dave was going to lose his mind when he heard the Wood Brothers were coming. It was a beautiful night, the music was crazy amazing and we stood right up front the entire show. We also Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, you know That’s just the way it is.” And I am now a fan of “The Record Company.

Steamboat Summer Free Concert Series Wood Brothers July 2017
Wood Brothers – Steamboat Free Concert – July 2017


Friend’s Wedding – A couple Dave is friends with got married this summer and it was absolutely beautiful. They were married in an Aspen grove on a perfect summer afternoon.

Aspen Grove Wedding Steamboat 2017
Summer Wedding Steamboat 2017

Hot Air Balloon Rodeo – One of the things Dave loves about our house is that they launch the hot air balloon tours right behind our house. Most morning we wake up to see the Wild West balloon tours launching their balloon. The second weekend in July they have the balloon rodeo and on Saturday and Sunday morning, and several balloons take off right down the road at Bald Eagle Lake. Both mornings were beautiful, cool air with blue skies and balloons everywhere. The wild west balloon and smokey the bear were my favorite.

Steamboat Springs Balloon Rodeo July
Balloon Rodeo 2017
Steamboat Springs Balloon Rodeo POW-MIA
Steamboat Springs Balloon Rodeo 2017 POW-MIA Balloon

Later that night Dave and I headed to the balloon glow on the mountain and learned about the POW-MIA balloon. The POW-MIA balloon is run by a non-profit that seeks to honor and increase the awareness of the still missing Prisoners of War – Missing in Action (POW-MIA) issues. I love this! It is another amazing reminder of how awesome those who server our country are and a reminder of the sacrifices they make.



Alpine Slide – On our way to town on Saturday I spotted the Alpine slide on Howelsen Hill and had to try it!! Dave was not as enthusiastic about this adventure but he humored me.

Howelsen Hill Alpine Slide Steamboat Springs
Howelsen Hill Alpine Slide

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