So Long Summer – West Water Raft Trip

We started our summer off with our San Juan raft trip and were lucky enough to get a permit for West Water trip over Labor day weekend. We had a blast!


Friday was a travel day down to Utah and Saturday morning we loaded the rafts and started our float. About 5 minutes in we spotted two bald eagles just chilling. This was my first bald eagle siting and was thrilled my camera zoom was strong enough to get a decent pic.


Saturday night we camped and I was super impressed with the portable Chef station that was brought for dinner. These guys are pro status rafters and seem to have thought of everything! We also had a theme party that night so everyone was dressed up for a white trash wedding!

Raft Trip Utah West Water Cooking Setup


Sunday morning came the rapids. I was a little nervous at first but luck for I was on Ranger Lucas’s boat. Lucas is a Ranger in Colorado and rafts regularly, he even teach rafting safety courses so I knew I was in good hands. Kelly (my other boat mate) and I sat up front while Lucas manned the oars. It was so much fun, waves were going over our head and we were just kept laughing.

After the rapids things were pretty smooth and we peacefully floated the rest of the way. It was all hands on deck to unload the boats and then we headed back to Steamboat (4+ hour drive).

West Water Raft Trip Labor Day Weekend September 2017 Utah Colorado River
West Water Raft Trip – 2017 Labor Day Weekend

It was an amazing weekend! They thing I love most about raft trips are meeting new friends. We had a great group and can’t wait for new adventures next summer!


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