Happy 3 Year Dating Anniversary

Dave and I celebrated 3 years of dating yesterday, September 11th. Before I go on about our date I want to recognize the significance of September 11th. This date means so much more to so many people and the love and the sacrifice of our heroes is not lost on me. I am proud to be an American, and I will never forgot those lost on September 11th and those lost fighting for our freedom. Thank from the bottom of my heart.

9.11 Instagram Post Kathleen Lights

We had a great night celebrating our date night anniversary. For our first date we had burgers at a restaurant called Game. Dave picked me up in his red Impala and was wearing jeans, a button blue striped shirt and his watch. He looked so handsome.

This was our first anniversary in Steamboat and we thought it would be fun to grab burgers for dinner. We went to Back Door Grill on Oak street (best burgers in town)!

Burgers Back Door Grill Steamboat Springs CO 3rd Anniversary
1st Date 3 year anniversary

The past three years have been fun, exciting, at times a bit sad, and most important, full of love. We met one hot June day in Louisville, KY on the Ohio River. While there was an instant connection Dave was dating someone at the time so I didn’t have much hope that things would go anywhere. Later in the fall I was out with friends at a local bar watching an epic performance of Tony and the Tan Lines when I saw Dave standing by himself in the back. I thought to myself, if he was with someone surely they would be hanging out together. I took a deep breath and walked over to him. I said, “not sure if you remember me but we met back in June on the River”. With excitement he said he remembered me and then blurted out “I’m single now!” We went out the following week and the rest is as they say history.

I love this man and look forward to more adventures, love, dinners and laughter. He makes me smile everyday and I am so thankful he is a part of my life. I spent a long time looking for Dave and now that I have found him I am never letting go.

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