Beauty Obsessions – The Best Dry Shampoo

I feel a little superficial writing this post but I swear Dry Bar’s dry shampoo has changed my life, and I want everyone to experience the freedom of not washing and drying their hair every day!

When dry shampoo first became a thing a few years ago I had my doubts. If my hair wasn’t freshly washed and blown dry, it was plastered to my head with zero personality or volume. My friends however started raving about dry shampoo and their hair looked great, even when they were coming from the gym. Ok, I’ll give it a try because let’s be honest there are days when I was headed to work and didn’t have time to shower, wash, blow dry and straighten my hair.

I bought Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo from Target and used it on and off for about a year. It lasted me a long time because I didn’t use it that much because it didn’t work that well. My hair was still flat and by the end of the day I needed a shower stat! How were others getting through 1 to 2 more days without shampooing their hair and still have body and not look like a grease bucket?

For my second attempt with dry shampoo I asked my hair dresser if she had any recommendations for me and I bought a very expensive bottle of dry shampoo. I tried it a couple of times but this stuff was even worse than the first bottle I tired. It made my hair very sticky did not help with the grease and I most certainly had to wash my hair the next day if I used it.

Ok, maybe it was me, maybe my hair was too fine and dry shampoo just wasn’t going to work for me. On a business trip I got a little desperate and ran into Sephora to see if just maybe there was something that I could use instore to help me out. They were having a special on Dry Bar products and talked me into a bottle of their dry shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t believe it. Now, I am going to sound like a commercial here but 100% truth, it not only soaked up the grease in my hair, it gave it volume and an added bonus it smelled amazing!

Since I’ve been home I continue to use the dry shampoo and conditioner and now only wash my hair twice a week, yes, you heard that right, twice a week. Right now I am on a Thursday/Sunday schedule.

This has helped me in so many ways:

  1. I don’t use nearly the amount of regular shampoo and conditioner I use to, so I am saving money there!
  2. Because I don’t wash my hair as much I am not losing as much hair and it is fuller over all. (My hair had been thinning since I turned 32 and I was starting to panic).
  3. I don’t blow dry and straighten my hair has much so it is healthier and again not losing as much hair because of this.
  4. I have really long hair so washing, drying and straightening my hair took a very long time (45 min or more), now I can get ready and be out the door in 10 minutes! Dave is loving my speediness, especially when we are headed to happy hour.
  5. Because the hair is so much healthier it is growing pretty fast and is super shiny!

If you have tried dry shampoos and they didn’t work or if you have never tried them, I would strongly recommend you trying Dry Bar Dry shampoo. They sell it in small travel cans so you can buy and small can and test it first. My first full can has lasted over 7 months. A little goes a long way for me.

Also, as a brunette it did leave a white grey powder in my hair and I have to make sure it is all “rubbed” in and absorbed. However the product worked so well this didn’t bother me much and if applied right is not an issue. However, the other day I went to buy a new can, and they had a version made specifically for brunettes, JACKPOT! I haven’t tried it yet but I am super excited to!

A few caveats before I close:

  • I have fine, somewhat thick, (it use to be thick until I started losing my hair at 32) and shiny hair. What works great for me might not work the same for you.
  • I have only tried 3 dry shampoos so there may be other great ones that work well. If you know of one I should try leave it in the comments. My good friend loves and swears by Dove’s dry shampoo.
  • I live in the mountains and it is very dry air, which may have an effect on how my hair. I had lived in KY when I tried the other dry shampoos.

There are affiliate links in this post.  

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