Learning How to Ski

So I moved to a ski town and didn’t know how to ski. I had actually only attempted to ski once before I moved here. It took me about 2 hours to get down the easiest run on the mountain and I called it a day after that.

So I moved to Steamboat in November (2016) and rented my skis and boots and bought the necessary gear: socks, helmet, goggles, gloves, hat, face mask, pants and a coat.

Steamboat Ski Mountain West Side Black Diamond
Steamboat Ski Mountain – I skied West Side

In December I took the “Never Have I Ever” ski lesson and went from there.
By February I skied my first black diamond, which I didn’t think would ever be possible.  I was feeling pretty good about getting the hang of things so when Dave’s friend said you should try the salad shooter, I thought yeah, sounds like fun! Below my attempt at the salad shooter, and yes that squawk sound you hear is me.


Don’t worry, I popped right up after this and was fine.

I am super excited about skiing again this season. Even bought me a new pair of Ski boots! 26 more days until the mountain opens!!!

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