Sunday Hike – Uranium Mine, Steamboat

I love our Sunday afternoon hikes. We hadn’t been hiking in a while so this weekend when it hit 60 we quickly grabbed our gear and headed out the door.

Hike Uranium Mine Trail Steamboat Spring CO

We decided on Uranium mine. It’s close to town and an easier trail. In total it was a little over 3 miles and took us about 1.45 minutes. You can probably hike this much faster but we took our time and took a break down by the water for about 10 minutes. We hiked up to the mine and then hiked past it and followed the trail down to the water. The river was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth the extra time.


I couldn’t believe how amazing the weather was! With winter quickly on its way, we are trying to get out and enjoy all the nice fall days. One of my favorite parts is the smell. I love how it smells up in the trees and the sap is extra sweet in the air. It has the freshness of pine, the sweetness of sugar, and the crisp bite of cool air. I am sure someone has tried to make a candle smell like this, but nothing is like breathing in the real thing.

How to get to Uranium mine path. Go to the Fish Creek Falls trailhead. Walk back past the parking gate and the trial is unmarked about a .1o of a mile from the parking lot on your right (if you are walking away from the parking lot). I would rate this as an easy hike.


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