Yoga with Adriene Changed My Life

I know, a bit dramatic of a headline but seriously the practice of yoga has changed and helped me in so many ways. Last January I signed up for Adriene’s 30 days of yoga series. I got to about day 4 or 5 and then my practice fell off from there. This summer I decided to try again on my own. All the videos are free on her Youtube Channel so I picked a day and started over.

I began to love getting up early before work and completing the day’s video. Some were short, some longer but it was great practice. I didn’t do a video every day, I missed a few days but just kept going through the series and finished Day 30 of the video series in about 37ish days.

I was so excited to hear that Adriene was doing another 30 days of Yoga this January! It’s called TRUE and I completed Day 6 (KINDLE) this morning. If I could convince you to try one thing this year, I beg you to try yoga. Adriene’s channel is 100% free and I think she does an awesome job with instructions and playfulness in the videos. You can jump in on the TRUE series or start on Day 1 (Adriene recommends you start at Day 1). You should also sign-up for her emails that go along with the program. Anyone can do this video, even if you have never done Yoga before this is a great place to start. She keeps it to the basics and shows you ways to ease into poses.

I started Yoga to help me mentally focus and relax. I love the meditation and mindfulness of the practice. It also has helped with my physical strength and overall well being. I am continuing to learn more about the practice of Yoga this year. I love that Yoga is more than just a workout; it is a practice of self-love, connection, and strength. I feel spiritually more connected to Mother Earth and draw her strength and power to continue my journey.

Please give it a try and you may need to try it a few times. It may take some time to adjust to the quiet and slow pace if you are used to going full throttle all the time. It is one of the best things you can do for your self physically. and don’t you want to be stronger and healthy for yourself?

I also love to connect with my sense of smell while practicing yoga. I usually put on Aveda’s stress-free lotion to help relax and clear my head. But don’t put a ton on your hands, or your hands can slide around on your yoga mat and it makes it hard to hold poses.

Good luck on your yoga journey. I hope you find the love and strength I have found in my practice.

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