I voted

Two years ago tomorrow I left my hometown of Louisville KY and moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado. It was the day before the 2016 Presidential election and the day before my birthday, lucky me! I’ll be honest I didn’t vote that year. That was the first time I didn’t vote in a presidential election. I could blame it on the move but the truth is I didn’t want to vote for either candidate, so I chose not to vote at all.

Because it was my Birthday, Dave took me out that night. On our way to dinner, we dropped is ballot off in the mailbox at the county courthouse. He said, “There, I voted.” “You vote by mail?!? Seriously?” I have never experienced this before. I had always gone to a local school or library to vote. I was very perplexed by this voting submission process.

Fast forward two years and my ballot arrived in our mail for me to fill out and send in. Two nights ago I dug in, did my research, and actively filled out my ballot.

I hate to admit it but in the past, I have been your typical millennial and have not taken an active role in politics. I have taken the head in the sand approach because I can’t change it. In my opinion, politics is broken and there is no way to “win” even if you are trying to do the “right” thing for your people. I do not envy those in politics and don’t want their jobs.  To some, things may seem black and white but to me, there is a lot of grey and many times decisions aren’t right vs. wrong but wrong vs. less wrong. How does anyone win with this approach?

I have my good friend Courtney to thank for pulling my head out of the sand. I was visiting her in Chicago when the Brett Kavanaugh hearing was going on. Wow! I have to a say this was a wake-up call for me. I won’t go into details here but long story very short, I did not like what I was hearing and how the politicians, most especially our president, re-acted.

I agree that the Kavanaugh hearing did change things in terms of getting people out to vote. According to the news they are already seeing increased numbers. I am anxious to see how these elections go today.

For the first time in my life, I actively voted and actually loved the mail in ballot system. I took almost two hours the other night researching candidates and amendments. While my vote may not be the deciding factor, my vote counted and so does yours. Vote today if you can, and maybe tomorrow our system will be a little less broken.

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