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I voted

Two years ago tomorrow I left my hometown of Louisville KY and moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado. It was the day before the 2016 Presidential election and the day before my birthday, lucky me! I'll be honest I didn't vote that year. That was the first time I didn't vote in a presidential election. I … Continue reading I voted

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This week

I am struggling. In an effort to hold myself accountable I am making myself accountable to you. This week I am going to: Complete all 3 Body Boss workouts on their scheduled days Snack on vegetables and not cheese Do one thing every day this week to get this blog off the ground! Love the … Continue reading This week

Uranium Mine Hike Steamboat Springs, CO

Sunday Hike – Uranium Mine, Steamboat

I love our Sunday afternoon hikes. We hadn't been hiking in a while so this weekend when it hit 60 we quickly grabbed our gear and headed out the door. We decided on Uranium mine. It's close to town and an easier trail. In total it was a little over 3 miles and took us … Continue reading Sunday Hike – Uranium Mine, Steamboat