Christmas List 2017

We are loving the outdoors and love living in Steamboat. There is a lot on this list but please don’t go crazy. One or two things from our list would be awesome and we will be very grateful.

Emily & Dave

  • D&E Joint Amazon List – Camping stuff & Bike Lights (one for me and one for Dave)
  • Sheets – Good King sized sheets
  • Towels – Good towels, ours smell and I have to wash them all the time.


  • There are two beacon’s on the Amazon list, one with a shovel probe and one just the beacon. I can get the shovel and probe separate but Shaggy recommend the combo pack so I added it to the list for my reference. Happy to go in with you on this, I know it’s a big ticket item but I really want them to be able to find Dave if he is in an avalanche when he is skiing.
  • Socks would be the second priority, the poor man has “holey” socks and refuses to wear anything but Smartwool. I put a few options on there to pick from, same with shoes, multiple options to chose from.
  • Dave’s Amazon List: Socks, Shoes, and Beacon


Thank YOU!

Love Emily & Dave